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Ronin Ki Oil and Gas Land Services

Ronin Ki may be a newer name in the oil and gas industry, but its proprietor, Craig Jobe, named a 2012 Texas Top Producer by Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association, is no stranger to the game.

He has two decades of experience as a petroleum landman and GIS coordinator. Jobe started his career as an independent landman negotiating oil and gas leases and seismic options for land brokerage firms in Louisiana and Texas. Early in his career he developed an interest in GIS mapping and saw applications in right-of-way acquisition and land due diligence. Jobe developed an interest in GIS mapping after joining the energy firm of EOG Resources, Inc.

He quickly rose up the ladder at EOG, advancing from GIS Analyst to GIS Coordinator, Landman, and ultimately, Division Landman. After a brief stint at Chesapeake Energy, where he served as a Senior Landman for the Dallas/Fort Worth Division, Jobe started his own land services firm, Ronin Ki.

With over 60 years combined experience, Ronin Ki offers a wide range of skill sets and services that can elevate your company's competitive advantage and facilitate the recognition of opportunities and pitfalls through each stage of your project.From performing cursory title to generating the Division of Interest. Other land firms are not equipped or sophisticated enough to supply such a robust suite of products and solutions.

Ronin Ki presents clients with fully customizable maps, reports, and status updates completely tailored to meet the needs of each client and its investors. All of this data can be available in real time via remote access to our fully integrated GIS mapping database, providing the client a portal into all stages of a project. Ronin Ki can supply the client with up-to-date, accurate, digital information ready for assimilation into the client's existing data infrastructure helping the client better see the overall progress of a project, track the individual moving pieces, and plan for the future