We believe taking time to look at the processes within a project is time well spent to ensure continued success. Learn More

Ronin Ki Services Offered

The following services ....

Project Management

  • We use evolving processes to analyze and define the needs of our client, implement successful models that deliver a quality service, and manage/monitor the outcomes and optimize accordingly.
  • Our landmen work in an environment that stimulates productivity and maximizes the use of existing information, which reduces duplication of effort and in turn, cost to our clients.
  • We believe taking time to look at the processes within a project is time well spent to ensure continued success.

Oil & Gas Leasing Acquisitions

  • Our team of landmen have 60+ years experience leasing from different regions of the United States with expertise in performing quick and accurate lease takeoffs, negotiating lease terms, and acquiring minerals.

GIS Mapping & Database Management

  • Our GIS mapping department is staffed with intelligent and experienced GIS data professionals that provide a superior mapping service to our clients.
  • With access to state of the art hardware, paired with the latest ESRI arcGIS database software, our GIS team is able to create dynamic data sets and highly customizable maps that allow our clients to visualize their investments and stake holdings in a robust format.
  • Our GIS solutions combine proficiency, transparency, and real-time reporting to help our clients make better decisions faster.

Title Analysis

Due Diligence, Abstract of Title, Cursory Title

  • We recognize the need for accurate , organized, and dependable title research in the field.
  • Our experienced landmen create precise and comprehensive runsheets and abstract reports encompassing : surface ownership, mineral ownership, title curatives,  leasehold assignments, and more.
  • All reports are created as digital documents with embedded hyperlinks to all instruments used to create the portfolios, creating a paperless system. This provides flexibility for the client and a small form factor, compared to paper bound reports.
  • The data contained within these reports is captured and incorporated into our GIS databases and made readily available for custom tailored reports

Division of Interest


  • Damage Negotiations & Payments
  • Drill Site Damages

Surface, Road, and Right of Way

  • Road & Highway Permitting
  • Right of Way & Easement Acquisition
  • Surface Agreements & Inspection